Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow time = fun time

Its been so cold here! I don't even use the steps anymore to jump into the backyard. I use the platform as a diving board. Mom opens the door- and I leeeeeeap! I get covered in snow and I love it!

Snow and I are friends, why?
- because I can roll around in it and when I come back inside, sit by the fireplace and warm up
- because I can eat it and I don't get in trouble
- I get to chase nothing under it, kind of like Bugs Bunny when he digs his tunnels- that's what I like to do when there is enough snow.
- since I don't have really long legs, sometimes I have to hop from place to place
- its more fun barking after squirrels when snow flies around me- I feel like a super hero, and the snow is my "mysterious fog"
- it feels funny under my feet
- and, after a long day of running, playing, hopping and enjoying the fluffy white stuff, I can come inside, lay in the sun and dream about chasing more squirrels

I heard mom and grandma talking the other night about Ham-Bone moving to town! (Ham-Bone is mom's Uncle Danny. But she calls him ham, which she turned into Ham-Bone, I don't really know why) Anyway, Ham is a self proclaimed "polar bear" and loves the snow and the chill in the air. This makes me daydream about spending time with him outside in the back yard making snow angels and chasing after birds together. Ahhh- that would be fun!

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