Thursday, January 29, 2009


Every day when I wake up, mom gives me my morning "huggie". This means, when I step out of my house (some people call it a "kennel"...I call it my house) she rubs me down and then lefts up my top half and snuggles with me. Then I eat my breakfast and go outside and play (I mean, do my "business") and then come back inside for more sleepy-times with dad.

He always lets me snuggle with him under the blankets. Although, he doesn't like it if I "touch" him, so most of the time he'll pull the blankets away or push me to mom's side of the bed. It doesn't matter though. I'm a snuggly-puggly and I just love to curl up and fall asleep wherever I can- unless of course we have visitors!

Last night we celebrate Grandma's birthday! It was her actual birthday so she got to open all her presents, but her big "fiesta" is on Saturday night. I cannot wait to have everyone in our house, they always play with me and tell me how cute I am. Ahhh, I look forward to visitors.

So, while Grandma was opening her presents, mom allowed me to munch on the wrapping paper. It was DELICIOUS! I munched, tore, walked. Munched some more, tore and walked further. When all the presents were open, Dad kept complaining about the "mess I made" around the family room. I wonder when he'll understand that its not a "mess" its art. Every one interprets things differently and apparently my art is his mess. Himph.

When mom and dad were taking photos of grandma, I got to be in one!! I tried to lick grandma's face, but I still had some wrapping paper in it. Opps! She got it out before the picture was taken. Too bad she doesn't seem to understand my art either. Oh well!
Tonight should be a quiet night at home, just mom, dad, Artichoke (actually, in the back of the photo, you can see Artichoke's house, its the white topped thing...) and I.

My Auntie
Caitlin is coming to visit me on Saturday! I'm so excited!! Auntie Cai got me over my fear of the vacuum. I still don't like it, but at least I no longer bite at it while mom moves it around. I'd get so mad at that big box thing- it made so much noise!

Auntie Cai should be here on Saturday so looks like I'll have to share my room with her. I don't mind though, mom says the guest room isn't just "your room Jack- its for visitors, and you are not a visitor- you live here!" She has a point, but I like that room so much!!

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