Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mom left- but now she's back! Yippy!!

Yesterday was one of the longest days in my puggle life. I heard Mom and Dad on the phone talking and Dad said that he'd "see her tonight". TONIGHT?! MOM IS COMING HOME TONIGHT?!

I got so excited. Maybe she'd be home normal time and we'd eat dinner together?

Maybe she'd come home right after Dad gets home and we can play on the floor like the loving-family we are?

All of the above, did not happen.

Dad left the house at 9.20. (To put this in "people-time", Mom and I are normally snuggly on the couch at 9.20) she didn't get home until close to 10.30! But, when she walked in the door, I couldn't contain myself!

I was so excited. I helped her unpack the red box- pulling out socks, her pajamas and even some of Grandma's presents that weren't wrapped! (I got in a little trouble for "playing with something that wasn't mine"- but I had to explain, the tissue paper smelled sooooo good!!)

Last night when mom FINALLY was finished unpacking the box, she and I snuggled in bed. Ahhh, it was wonderful to have her home. My time with Dad was a lot of fun actually! We played fetch, a lot (he was playing video games...he always plays video games...) and he even let me sleep in the bed with him every night. I think that was my favorite part of being with dad, sleeping on Mom's side of the bed, sniffing her pillow every night.

I hear tomorrow is Grandma's birthday! Ooooh, I love birthday's! People come into the house, they play with silly wrapping paper- which I always get to play with and destroy- no cake for me, but I get to see Grandma! Oooooh, how exciting!

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