Friday, January 23, 2009

Jack + a suitcase = upset puggle

Last night the worst thing happened in my puggle-world. Mom brought out the dreaded, red suitcase. The same thing always happens when that red box comes out, she's leaving me.

Dad thought if he left it out all the time in the office that I might get used to it. Dad was wrong. You see, when its standing in the office, with "stuff" (as mom calls it) on top of it, I know nothing is happening. However, when the red box moves into their bedroom- DOOM in pending.

As she's done so many times before, she opened the box, and started putting things in it while I sat on the bed watching with the saddest face I could make. Every time she'd put something into the bag, "whine". Every time she'd walk away, "whine". She got the point and kept asking me to "shhh- its okay". But she doesn't understand.

Its not that I don't like dad. I actually love him very much, he gives me his old socks to munch on all the time, but when mom is around, well, she completes me. My tail gets a little curlier because she makes me so happy. My ears get a little softer because she rubs them so much and my heart bursts with joy because we get to snuggle all the time.

But, when mom leaves, part of me goes in that box with her. (Not literally, I like all of my parts where they are...I'm speaking "from the heart"- as they say) I tried to put my favorite toy in the box for her to take, my goose, but she said, "Jack, you keep your goosey with you- you can sleep on my pillow every night and sleep late with daddy every morning. I will be back on Monday."

I think sometimes she forgets that I don't count days- I know many things. Sit. Down. High five. Roll over. Days of the week? Never caught on to that. So this "Monday" that speaks of could really mean years from now.

Hopefully Grammy and Grampy with come over and play with me. They have a dog, Winston. He is really old and I'm really young, but some how we get along really well- when he gets tired and cranky, I just wiggle in front of him, and get gets up (slowly, but he usually gets up) and plays some more.

My biggest fear is that when mom is gone, dad will let Kitty into the house. Oh how that cat doesn't like me. I don't know why- I'm cute. My Aunt Caitlin told mommy that "cats are bi-polar". Mom tried to explain this to me, but I couldn't really understand it. All I heard was "cat" and I wanted to hide.

I know dad and I will have fun together. He watches a lot of games on tv (which I can never join in on- I love playing toss, but those guys look so silly! They have to wear helmets- haha, if I ever had to wear a helmet to play toss...I'd rather not think about that...)

Until "Monday". Whenever that is...

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