Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jack vs. Kitty

When my Uncle Adam moved away to college (this was looooong before I came along) he "rescued" a cat. (We all found out later, when he said "rescue" he actually ment, spent $35 at a pet store...) Well, Uncle Adam had Kitty (yes, that is really her name, Kitty- hahahahaha...that would be like my name being Dog. So silly!)

After a while, Uncle Adam also wanted a dog. (Thankfully, he named him Oscar, not Dog...) Oscar and Kitty (haha) didn't get along. Now, from the stories I hear, its not that they "didn't just not like each other". It was more like, Kitty would growl at Oscar to show her dominance. (She's about 6 pounds) Oscar would show his dominance by chasing her. (He's about 50 pounds).

The relationship between Kitty (ha!) and Oscar because so intense that one night, while everyone was sleeping, Kitty used her laser-claws to remove one of Oscars toe nails! (This is the story Kitty told me when she stayed at my house for a while- I think it was more to scare me than anything...when I asked mom about it, she verified that Oscar actually lost his toe nail by playing in the backyard and it got caught on a log. I didn't believe her though- that cat has some serious issues!)

Because of the laser battle, Kitty was placed in a bin listed "special needs". My grandma's bleeding heart accepted Kitty, and the two have become friends. When grandma relocated to Ohio, she brought Kitty with her. I was so excited to finally have another friend!! First time I sniffed her, ears went back, she hissed, growled, swatted at me, and I ran away crying.

Second time, same thing. Third time was a little different. I was downstairs watching television with mom, dad and grandma when Kitty came down. I was so excited, "she wants to plaaaaay with me!". Well, she didn't want to play.

Instead, she cornered me in the kitchen and had me shaking in my puggle-skin. FINALLY mom called in the SWAT team and removed the evil being. Even though she tried to eat me, I still brought her a toy everyday as a peace offering. She didn't understand what "friend" meant, because I once found one of my toys strung up by its neck hanging in the hallway. (How did she do that? I will never know, mom says I don't have opposable thumbs...I tell you, that cat has special alien powers!)

Thankfully, my prayers were answered when, after a very long week and a half, she left. I slept so well that night- I almost couldn't wake up the next day. But, every time I heard a noise in the house, I became overly alert- I didn't want Kitty sneaking up on me and beating me up!

If you have ever heard a cat growl before, please let me know. I'm positive she's the only one who can do that because of her special evil alien powers. Himph. I hope she learns to like me- I don't understand when people don't like me. EVERYONE loves me, I don't like rejection. I will try and try and try some more until Kitty realizes I'm a friend. Maybe I should make her flash cards and start slow with her. "F stands for Friend". "Friends are good". "Cats are evil"....

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