Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm just really cute

Jack is:
- gentle
- easily excited

- loving
- loves to shake his ears
- enjoys a warm fireplace
- caring
- non aggressive (towards anyone or anything!)
- obedient
- patient (kinda)
- super playful
- super snuggly
- great family dog
- loves to socialize
- has more toys than most nursery schools
- an only child (however, he does have a bird sibling, Artichoke- and several fish friends)
- super cute
- sensitive

- crate (or as I call it "house") trained
- easy to get along with
- always good for a laugh
- really smart
- not a begger
- whiny
- a wiggle worm
- in love with chewing on his dad's old socks
- in love with his mom
- loves the snow, rain and piles of leaves in the fall
- a great helper in the laundry room (he'll pull out socks from the dryer for me)
- a wonderful friend
- happy to be who he is
- not comfortable in dog clothing
- only allowed to eat sensitive stomach food because of his belly

- only allowed to use sensitive shampoo because of his sensitive skin
- likes to sleep in between two blankets, preferably with his head nuzzled into my knees
- friends with all the dogs he meets
- used to not sharing mom or dad, but doesn't mind when we dog sit another
- loves visitors
- enjoys traveling
- loves hard crunchy treats (soft ones he gnaws on and them walks away from)

I'm sure I will come up with more when I'm in my car driving home tonight. But now I can post more pictures of him- yippy!!

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