Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Everyone else has a blog, why not me?

I am Jack's person, Erin. I'm writing this blog for Jack because:
a) I have a really funny sense of humor (at least that's what Jack tells me)
b) Everyone else has a blog, why can't my dog?
c) People always tell me, "Jack is so cute!" (this is a good way for me to keep updated photos of him available
d) Jack and I always have adventures together so I thought I'd share in this format, rather than mass emails, which I've been doing for like, er, several years now

When you describe a person who has a really great personality, many people say they are "a people-person". Jack is a "people-dog". He loves people. He loves toys. He loves life.

Currently the favorite most best amazing toy ever created in the world (for this week at least) is a stuffed goose.

Jack came to work with me everyday when he was a baby, until he was 6 months old. When he got bigger, I had to leave him home, but every now and then my boss (great guy by the way) allows me to bring Jack in for a day of family fun in the office.

Well, I brought Jack into the office one morning, but in the rush of getting myself ready, packing him up- I lost my mother of the year award, by forgetting to bring him toys. SERIOUSLY- how foolish of me!!

Thankfully, my boss has a dog, Peanut, who visits the office on the weekends and has some toys laying around. Jack immediately (before he realized I didn't have any toys for him) ran into Brian's office, scoped out the toy/bone situation, and came back downstairs by my desk. For as long as I have known Jack, he enjoys bones, he just doesn't eat them.

I have no idea why, but rather than, like a "normal" dog who will munch on a rawhide, Jack holds it in his mouth and whimpers until he finds the perfect hiding place for his bone. When we are home and he does this, I typically take it from him, "hide" it in the linen closet, a drawer, under the sink (whatever is closer) until he feels okay that the bone is in a safe place.

Jack finds Peanut's bone and starts to whimper around the office. After a few minutes, I watched Jack wiggle himself under a desk, move a plastic bag out of the way, wiggle some fabric samples out of his way, and place the bone under it all. Of course, he then moved back the fabric samples, the plastic bag and then peacefully laid down for an afternoon nap in the sun.

I realized he was going to need more entertainment so I ran to Walgreens "pet isle" (which is a funny joke, because really, when I think of dog toys, Walgreen's is my FIRST thought- I kid.) Anyway, I find a few toys that are quiet toys. They don't squeak. They didn't have bells or anything- perfect for the office. I come back and after I receive my greeting from Jack, I award him with the goose.

In Walgreen's, the goose didn't make noise. The goose was simply a stuffed bird with ugly grey wings. Jack grabbed it by the belly, only to hear it HONK. ("are you kidding me?") Jack jumped back and sniffed it. Moved forward again, grabbed the stomach HONK! He jumped back and sniffed it again. Third time, Jack had enough, he grabbed it, goose honked, Jack rolled around with it and they have been best friends ever since.

The following week, I realize the goose is still in the office, so I decide to bring it home for him. When I walked in the house and he caught sight of the goose, it was as though his long lost best friend who he had never thought he'd see again reappeared. He started dancing, chewing the neck of the stuffed toy, HONKING it (the honker is now almost completely dead) and snuggling with it.

Attached (hopefully-since this is my first post) are photos of Jack with the goose. Enjoy!

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  1. Jack, you rock. Don't tell any one that when I came to visit for Thanksgiving it was really to meet you, not to visit with my sister and my neice.