Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winston, why are you wearing a lamp shade?

Yup, that's my pal Winston wearing a lamp shade on his head. It seems he was allergic to something in our backyard about a month ago and he chewed his tail raw. Ouch! To help stop him from munchin' on his butt, Grammy and Grampy put this lamp shade on his head!

I had to investigate for myself: Yup, buddy...you're definitely wearing a lamp shade!There was one time I had to wear a lamp shade (mine was blue though) because I had fleas growing on me! Ewwwww.

Winston wearing a lamp shade means a few things:
1- he runs into objects, like doors, tables and the sofa
2- he can't eat his cookies very well because once he drops it, its gone. (Good thing he's got a friend like me who cleans up after him!)
3- he can't really sniff the ground, so the lamp shade gets caught on the carpet, rugs and hardwood floor
4- he looks really sad all the time

It was fun having my buddy around, even if it was just for one night!

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