Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Missing Link...

You know how I told you about my summer time allergies? Right, well after our sleepover (with Winston) Gram noticed that he was biting at his tail...then he started to BLEED at his tail (ewwww!)

Gram took Winston to the vet yesterday and turns out Winston came in contact with something that he's allergic to, AT MY HOUSE! Oh no!

I fell just terribly-terrible that something at my house caused my buddy harm.

To help continue my road to summer time allergy (and now fall allergy) wellness, mom put me back on Missing Link. Never tried it? You gotta. Its the best stuff out there.

It helps with my shedding, skin, joints...its like a multi vitamin, its a powder form that you put over my food! It tastes soooooo good too! I lick the bowl and beg for more!

Mom and I took a trip to Petsmart on Monday to pick up the bag of missing link (okay, mom says its a little expensive, $16.99 for an 8 ounce bag...but it really works!) While we were waiting to check out, I was so anxious to get my check-out-cookie that I sat on the feet of the lady in front of us in line!

"OH!" she said, "I didn't see you there!" Mom sounded embarrassed, but the lady understood...she works at Petsmart too and knows about the check-out-cookie.

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