Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its BBQ season already!

You know what, I love living in Ohio. (I've never lived anywhere else, but I've heard from my "sources" that Ohio is the place to be!).

On Saturday afternoon, mom and I went for a walk. The air was brisk. The cement cool to the touch- perfect walking weather!

People always stop us and say how well behaved I am, which I KNOW makes mom proud. I always sit at a curb- rather than run out into the street. This makes people smile, and I don't understand why. I don't want to get hit by a car, do you?! Of course not.

This our walking-curb routine. I stop. Sit. and Wait, until Mom gives the all clear to move on. At obiedence class, Sam (the alpha-dog) was so well trained that he'd get to the curb, sit, and LOOK BOTH WAYS, make sure the coast was clear ,and then proceed!

I'm well trained, but I dun-wanna look both ways. I mean, what would mom do? Just stand there? So she looks, while I wait.

We went over to Grammy and Grampy's for dinner on Sunday night to celebrate mother's day; Grandma was there too! Winston had just gotten a bath and hair cut, boy did he look funny! When he's fluffy, he looks big, like me. But when I ran into the house to see him, I ran right past him 'cause I didn't recognize him!

He told me he felt better having less weight to carry around...and that he's starting to feel better from his leg injury (did I tell you that he broke his acl on his back leg? No one knows how he did it, because he doesn't really do too much- but somehow he did!)

When Grampy was outside grilling, Winston and I played in the yard. I pooped in a plant which made mom upset, but then Winston pooped in the garden! Mom said we weren't being very good boys, but when you gotta go, you gotta gooooo!

After everyone ate, mom and I played on the floor with my stuffed bottle of "sun tan lotion". Its the only toy I have that still squeaks so its really exciting when I get to play with it.

Something tells me I'm going to spending some time at Grammy and Grampy's house. Mom brought in a bag and secretly handed it to Gram. Of course she didn't see me watching- I didn't want to blow mom's under-cover operation...but I do wonder what's going on there...

When we were going home, Mom tried to put me in the back of the car, like always but I didn't wanna go. She said, "Jack, up-up" (like she always does) but I sat. Then Dad said, "Jaaaack, up-up. Come on buddy", but I just watched, not budging. Mom got my point, I didn't want to ride in the back, I
wanted to ride with my people!

Thankfully, dad gave in and I got to ride home on Mom's lap. It was so much fun seeing all the cars and people walking by us- mom even rolled down the window a little bit so I could stick my nose out.

It kinda hurt having my nose out the window because all the air came right up my nose (like when I get water up my nose when I'm at the lake...) but I didn't mind too much- I kept my head out there for as long as I could.

I think mom is going to have to wash the window now though. It was so exciting, I drooled a bit- dad thought this was funny too.

Now that I know the bbq's are out and working again- it means it won't be too much longer until we go up to the lake house :) Yippy! Happy Tuesday everyone :)


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  2. JACK! i must say, you my friend are the cuteness of all cutenesses. I just want to kiss your little face. Your mommy is a very lucky lady. Also i might add, that your mum takes wonderful photographs. DO you know what kind of camera she uses?

  3. Haha, Hi Corrie...actually, its Jack's dad who takes all the photos that look really nice...he uses a Nikon D40 :)

    You are more than welcome to kiss his face anytime :) He'll kiss yours right back!