Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cinco de Mayo, ole!

I know I'm posting this a few days after cinco de mayo, but I'm a busy puggle you know!!

It all started when mom came home with some groceries on Tuesday. I love the smell of grocery bags. Mom says I can't play with them because "babies can't play with plastic bags" but I always try. I really like the noise they make!

So mom was folding up a strange little bag that made a different noise than the other ones. My interest was peaked. I walked over and sat in front of mom.

me: wiggle-wiggle, sit (this translates to, "Mom, is that bag for me?")
mom: Jack, its a paper bag, you really want to play with it?
me: move tail side-to-side,
wiggle my butt ("yes please")
mom: Okay, here you go

As soon as I got my teeth around the paper, I ran to the family room and tore into it! Paper flew everywhere, it was so much fun!

Mom says some people celebrate Cinco de Mayo with sombreros and tequila. I celebrate Cinco de Mayo with confetti! When the bag no longer held a "bag-shape" I started rolling around in it. A few pieces stuck to the
inside of my gums, which felt funny- mom pulled them off and I went about my day.

When dad came home, he cleaned up my confetti "mess"....I think he was just upset that I didn't want for him to play!

After mom had dinner we took a walk around the cul de sac. Met our new neighbor, he smelled FUNNY! Actually, he smelled like two cats. EEK! I ran away from him when he tried to pet me.

I didn't want to smell like stinky cat!

Then we met my two favorite little people outside; Lilly and Maddy. They are sisters and like to touch me. Since they don't have a dog, I help teach them how to be gentle and pet me.

Seems Maddy had an issue with my "butt hole" showing. This made me a little sad, so I
walked away from her, but mom explained to her that I can't wear pants.

Maddy: Why can't he wear pants? I wear pants.
mom: How would he pull them down?
Maddy: I don't know
mom: Where would his tail go if he wore pants?
Maddy: Uhm, well, maybe you could cut a hole for his tail?

I rolled my eyes and stopped listening. I don't wanna wear pants! All this fur is warm enough in the summer time!!

After our walk, we came home and I played with my frog. Dad keeps saying "the frog no longer exists, its only a foot!" I don't believe him- and to prove him wrong last night, I went on a mission to find more frog parts in the house.

Guess what? I found ANOTHER foot and part of the body! The frog lives!


  1. Your blog cracks me up! I can't believe how much you look like my Puggle, Jack!

  2. My pup does the same thing with grocery bags - she's obsessed!