Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I do yoga!

Whenever Mom pulls out her yoga mat to stretch, I know she's really pulling it out so I have a place to play with her. When she bends down, I bring her toys. And, when she's sitting, I try and sit in her lap.

Last night while Mom was stretching, I brought over my frog to chew on. Mom's very generous and shares the mat with me. I had so much fun chewing on the frog, tearing apart the loose pieces. When I was all done, it didn't really look like a frog anymore- but rather a pile of green and yellow stuff.

Dad said, "Jack has too many toys!" Mom said, "It keeps him busy, what's the harm?" Then Mom moved her elbow (she was resting on it) and realized it was wet. She looked down at the mat and realized that she had been resting on a piece of wet frog. Opps! Her whole elbow was covered in my slobber!! It was really really funny. Mom had to wipe off her elbow and then she picked up all the pieces of my frog that I worked so hard pulling off!! Time to move on to a new toy!!

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