Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh no!

Mom and I just found this article talking about which breed of dog is most aggressive. Guest the number one breed...go on, guess.


This makes me upset because I have two cousins who are doxie's! Sam, my Aunt Jessica's dog (who is 10 years old now) and Simon, Uncle Adam's doxie!

When mom read me the article I wasn't surprised by which breed took the second and third place in the aggression race. #2, Jack Russel Terriers. #3, Chihuahua

Our next door neighbors have two Labradors and two chihuahuas...and it seems that the smallest dog always makes the most noise at me when I'm outside.

When mom was six she was bit by a black labrador on her right arm. She's still got the scar from all the stitches, so growing up mom was scared of big dogs.
(Thank heavens I only top the scales at 30 pounds...)

What's most interesting about this article is that since big dogs have bigger mouths, their bites typically require medical attention. Whereas with a smaller dog, who have much smaller mouths, their bites are typically treated at home...which gives big dogs a bad reputation.

I don't have an aggressive bone in my body; I might wiggle a lot, lick a lot and jump a lot...I hope they don't come out with a study on the most wiggly dogs...I have a feeling puggles would take the top spot!

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