Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day at the lake

For Labor Day we went up to the lake and I had the best day ev-ah!!

As soon as mom took my leash off I ran into the lake and started splashing around.

Dad's cousin, Micah, and I started playing catch with a tennis ball.

We raced each other to see who could get to the ball faster. I don't know if he was really slow (or if he left me win) but I got it every time!!

I had so much fun splashing, swimming and I even made a new friend!

The next door neighbors daughter had a puggle puppy named Henry!

He was really small (or maybe I'm really big?) I liked playing with him. He had to wear a life jacket in the water though!

Mom never put a life jacket on me, I just had to learn how to stay buoyant!

Only 11 more days until my birthday! September 21 I'll be four years old!!

Mom always sings 'happy birthday' to me, but my REAL birthday is celebrated on November 21 when dad got me for mom!

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  1. Tell your mama she takes GREAT pictures! Sounds like your having a fun time- keep up the good work