Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Television is for everyone (including me!)

Some people laugh about this, but I don't know why its so funny that I watch t.v. with mom and dad. You watch t.v., don't you?

My favorite thing to watch are John Mayer concerts. How do I know this? Well, when Grandma had her fiesta back in January, dad put on John for background noise. While everyone was eating and drinking, mom asked if anyone knew where I was. That's when dad pointed out that I was on the couch.
Watching John.

John Mayer (or, just John as I
call him) have a special relationship. When I'm in my crate in the back of the car, if I'm having a bad day and start whining, the only music that will calm me down, is John Mayer.

His cover of "Life is a Highway" (on the Cars soundtrack) is a favorite of mine, especially while I'm in the car!

My least favorite thing to watch? Animals on the telly.

I know it seems funny, since I am an animal, but any type of dog, cat, elephant, bear, penguin- you name it and I get upset and growl at the t.v.

Mom and dad have tried very hard over the course of my life to calm down my animal-on-tv-dislike, but its to no avail. They don't understand, if there is an animal on the television, I think they are IN our house, so I jump down and try to protect mom and dad.

Before I became a member of the family, mom would always leave Animal Planet on when she left for work so that Artichoke (my pet-bird sister) had something to watch. But, because of my animal-phobia, mom doesn't ever watch Animal Planet anymore. That's okay with me though, really- why does she need to watch animals, when she's got the cutest one in the WORLD already sitting on her lap?

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