Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love parties!

Saturday night mom threw a birthday party for Grammy. It was so much fun setting up the outdoor furniture with mom. She was trying to clean it with a bucket of water, and kept telling me to "back up" when it would run off the side.

It reminded me of a water fall and, since I love water, I couldn't help myself and just stood there and got wet.

Since it was so nice outside, dad brought out the hammock to sit in. When we first got the hammock (a few years ago) I wasn't so sure of it. I didn't like being off the ground and moving side to side- so it was a big step for me, when dad called me "up" that not only did I jump up on the hammock, but I didn't fall off! (That has happened many times before...)

Instead, I actually enjoyed my ride! Everything looked so pretty
outside, and then, the sky turned gray. "But how are we going to grill if its pouring outside" mom said. Then dad got the lightbulb over his head, "We'll grill near the garage!"

And so they did, which meant I didn't get to stand near dad at watch (with my mouth watering) as all the meat was grilled.

Instead, I sat at the garage door, with my I'm-not-happy-face-on and watched as mom carried out meat, "staaaay" she'd say as the door opened and closed.

It wasn't until FINALLY gram opened her presents I had fun.

You see, wrapping paper might be fun for people, but wrapping paper is the ULTIMATE for a puggle-like-me! Christmas morning is all about the presents for me as well, I mean, I always sing happy birthday to Jesus with mom and dad, but the wrapping paper is really God's gift to me!

As soon as gram tore into those presents, I sat under her whining.

"Jaaaack, you want the paper?" she'd ask.

I'd do a double-whine back asking "yes please" and then she'd throw it like a tennis ball. YIPPY!

I wanted to wish her a happy birthday, but my mouth was so full of wrapping paper, I just couldn't.

Then it kept getting stuck to the inside of my mouth, hanging out...mom got lots of photos of this. "Oh, that's going in thescrapbook!" she'd say.

Needless to say, when everyone went home and all my wrapping paper-mess was cleaned up, I slept super-duper well! I wonder when the next party is going to be?

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